Thursday, September 9, 2010

King's 'The Dark Tower' to be Simultaneous Movies and TV

This is very exciting. Although I haven't read them, Stephen King's The Dark Tower books are being adapted by into complimentary films and tv series. From NYMag:

The project, based on seven books, will kick off with a movie, which will quickly be followed by a TV season of undisclosed length that will lead up to a second movie. That film will be followed by a second TV season that will be more of a prequel, focusing on Deschain as a younger man, before the third film finishes up where the second film left off. If that sounds like a lot of The Dark Tower, it is. Sometime in the not-so-distant future, the series is going take over movie theaters and your television in what will either wind up being a genuinely new, much bigger way of telling and selling stories or a hugely expensive fiasco.
 It's really wonderful to see big studios put a lot of cash into a new transmedia way of storytelling. I hope they are just as innovative with their marketing efforts for this production, creating more spin-off content in different mediums. They have some decent talent behind the project, they are taking a centralised, unified approach to the production, and Stephen King stories are generally a good yarn, so I've got my fingers-crossed that this will be a success. That wouldn't just mean a great transmedia narrative to enjoy, but also it would set a great example for other media companies to follow.

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