Friday, June 25, 2010

Copyright not the only way to incentivize creativity

It's about time I posted a video or even a picture on this blog, and this TED talk from Johanna Blakley about creativity and copyright is a great start. This was such a wonderful eye opener for me, as I have long been thinking about how creativity plays out in the digital era, but have always been focussed on the obvious candidates - music, film and the printed word, worrying that transmedia will never gain traction until copyright is sorted out. Blakley reminds us that there are many other creative industries that have virtually no copyright law that are doing more then just alright, thankyouverymuch. Her essential point is vitally important, that rather then turning to more draconian copyright laws, media industries should be learning from industries like fashion to evolve their own business models. This video has inspired me to look at the fashion industry with much greater respect, more then 'The Devil Wears Prada' ever did.

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