Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hollywood Agent on Future Entertainment

Here is Hollwood agent Ariel Emmanuel talking about the future of entertainment content:

What is good about this video is that he is at least aware of the situation, and that things are going to change, and importantly, is open to change. Two issues I have with his opnions - firstly, his harping on about 'stealing'. This is a modern concoction of the concept of theft to serve the powers that be. For most people what makes theft bad (aside from the stupid people that only think it's bad because they might get caught) is that it deprives someone (the original owner) of something, without justification. Modern copying of content does not deprive anyone of anything, and big industry's hard sell that it's 'theft' is ludicrous.

Secondly, it's the often repeated idea that something or other needs to be 'monetized'. I think this comes from an underlying conservative attitude which is essentially - I have a lot of something (friends in a network) therefore I should be making money. Capitalists should not be asking themselves 'how do I make money from all this stuff I've got' (which ultimately leads to 'let's try to make people think it's valuable') rather they should be asking 'how do I create value for people', from that proposition come true wealth.

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