Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Social Media Drama

My last post was a little social media negative, so I thought I'd talk about some of the cool things that could be done with social media. Social networks could be utilised in really interesting ways in popular dramas. During the Australian comedy 'We can be Heroes', the chracacter Ja'Mie had her own myspace page, and you have to wonder why this hasn't become more common in other youth oriented shows. Characters could continue to play out the interactions initiated on tv, filling out the gaps of the story, backstory, and general details that can't be fit into the show. It would offer the opportunity for fans to interact directly with the characters, and for writers to get immediate, specific feedback on their narrative.

In fact, I would love to make a fiction drama that exists entirely in social networks, told through Facebook pages, blog posts and uploaded videos of the characters. The audience would organically follow the chain of events in the drama, piecing them together to construct their own interpretation of the story. If provided with enough depth of information to dig in to and online space to share their thoughts and opinions with other fans, you could make something really engaging. Social media drama - something I really want to try when I get the chance...


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